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Get Off Petroleum


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Fill Your Tank

And Feed The World!

    Did you know it's possible to do this - RIGHT NOW?

    Why in the 21st Century are there people in Africa and North Korea eating each other due to lack of food?  A good neighbor doesn't let his neighbor starve!  How civilized can we claim to be as a planet, if we ALLOW  things like this to happen?  Don't you think that it's possible for the U.S. to feed every mouth on this planet if it wanted to?  Why aren't we doing it?  Don't you think that it's possible for the U.S. to grow enough food to feed the entire world  "3 squares for 365 days?"  Don't you think that  it's possible for the U.S. to do this if only for just one year?  We talk all the time about how great we are.  It's time for us to prove it to the world by being the nation to eliminate starvation in the world and it begins with "3 squares for 365 days"And we can do it buy filling our gas tanks!  To find out more about the SHORTEST PATH to freedom from petroleum and the elimination of world starvation at the same time click on The Plan.

    What continually blows my mind is that since the creation of the diesel engine in 1897 we have had the opportunity to use vegetable oils for fuel and we have refused to do so.  What MADNESS!

As a result of Diesel's vision, early compression ignited engines were powered by a biomass fuel, vegetable oil, until the 1920's and are being powered again, today, by biodiesel.  Rudolph Diesel is known to have lamented over the shift to petroleum and said, "It may one day come to pass that the world will return to fuels made from vegetable oils."  That day is long overdue.

    This nation had a program that took it to the moon and changed the world.  This nation needs a program to become the largest agricultural nation of the world by output and simply give it to nations in need.  We need a GREEN REVOLUTION.  There's no better program for peace, because if you haven't noticed,  it's hard to shoot a man that's handing you a loaf of bread!  And you don't feel much like waging war when your stomach is full.  But you sure do when you're hungry.


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