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Last Thoughts


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There have been times when I have thought about petroleum in a more philosophical light and when I have been inclined to do so, some interesting thoughts come to mind that I'd like to share with you.  One of the first things that I have noticed about petroleum is where it is found.  It's found deep underground.  Industry has to drill into the ground just to get to it.  I find it interesting to note that generally speaking everything that is alive and living is on the surface of the earth.  While everything that his dead and toxic (i.e. coal and petroleum) is kept deep underground below the water table.  Could it be that the reason why there is life on the surface of the earth is because that stuff is kept far away from living things?  I mean think about it, you take a barrel of crude oil and drop it in the middle of mother nature, you now have a hazardous waste site.  But it's quite all right to burn this stuff in our cars and breathe it.  Could it be that the new car smell we are so fond of, which is really nothing more than the toxic chemical vapors exuding from the plastic materials the car is made of, is one of the things that is causing people to get cancer in record rates?  Did you ever wonder why when you get your car washed and you ask for the new car scented air freshener, it doesn't really smell exactly like a new car?  Could it be that the reason why is that somebody somewhere knows that smell is a toxic chemical we're breathing?  Then there's the carpet your walking on to consider.  The couch you're sitting on.  Your coffee cup, need I go on.  Here's an interesting exercise:  Spend 10 minutes and take note of the materials you come in contact with on a daily basis.  Can you spend 10 minutes of your day without coming into contact with a product made from petroleum?  If you're honest and you're smart you'll recognize there is only one time in everybody's day when they are not in contact with a product made from petroleum.  It's when you get out of the bathtub or the shower.  That's the only time you are not being exposed to a petroleum chemical in your daily life as long as the towel is made of 100 percent cotton and you're standing on a tile floor.  We swim in the stuff and we all know it causes cancer.



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