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No More Refineries


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No To More Refineries

President Bush was asked by the press what his solution to high gas prices was. He replied with a toothy grin, "We need to build more refineries." Why was he smiling to big? Because more refineries means more of our money in his pocket!

America used to be the land of freedom of choice. In Brazil there are laws that control what gets dispensed at the gas pump and nearly 50% of it has to be Ethanol. The reason why Argentina did this was to prevent a Middle East oil and petroleum controlled economy in their country. In Argentina the ethanol is produced by the fermentation of sugar beets and the waste is used as a high protein livestock feed. Argentina also has a law that requires all vehicles to be dual fueled, either gasoline or ethanol and it is accomplished by a modification to the vehicles computer. Why isn't the U.S. doing the same? Why don't we in the U.S. have a choice? Because the petroleum industry and their record profits from hurricane Katrina and Rita control the government. It's not because the alternatives aren't there. The alternatives have been around for centuries. We just refuse to use them.

We have seen clearly for the first time the effect of fuel prices on the economy. There is no doubt now that the economy is controlled by the price of fuel. There is no doubt now that Middle East oil has a strangle hold on the U.S. economy. There has never been any doubt that petroleum is the number one cause of air pollution. There has never been any doubt that petroleum is a carcinogen. Eliminating the use of petroleum gets rid of all of this PERMANENTLY! Therefore getting the nation off petroleum should be our highest priority if we intend to continue to live as we have.

Building more refineries isn't the cure. IT'S THE DISEASE!



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