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No To Alcohol


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    Alcohol isn't going to be the new fuel of the future.  Here are the reasons why:

Ethyl Alcohol from grain produces an excellent fuel but the substance has a notorious history of problems associated with taxation, prohibition and legislation.  It's sad too because it would de-centralize the source of fuel and allow thousands of independent, family owned distilleries to pop up, practically overnight.  The barrier is legislation.  Legislation that has deep roots even today and it's not likely to change.

It has 3 manufacturing stages to fuel (grow, ferment & distill) as opposed to soy-diesels 2 (grow & vacuum extract).

It has half the BTU's of gasoline which means a 50% reduction in MPG's.  This means that vehicles would require the installation of a second fuel tank and plumbing to maintain the same range or make twice the fuel stops.

The performance of alcohol as a fuel is significantly less than gasoline.



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