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The Plan


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The Fill Your Tank
And Feed The World Initiative

    I think America is tired of the Petroleum monkey on it's back.  We are becoming more aware each day how much our lives are on the verge of a radical change in lifestyle if we don't act NOW!

    Because of this condition America needs the shortest route to  SELF-SUFFICIENCY.  This will necessitate the use of existing equipment and infrastructure to the greatest degree.  This factor alone rules out hydrogen because we don't have the equipment in place to dispense it into vehicles or transport it to dispensing locations in amounts that would be required to make the change.  In some situations it may have to carried in supertankers.  You do not want to see what that would look like if it ran aground.  Our gas stations pump liquids at room temperature not cryogenic fuels at -400 F.  Our 18 wheelers transport liquids at room temperature too.  We would need fleets of cryo-trucks that don't exist and what would happen to the truckers who currently transport petrol.  So the alternate fuel we need is a liquid at room temperature.

    The fuel of choice is vegetable oils, like the oils from the soybean and a thousand other sources.  However they wont burn in anything except a diesel or turbine engine.  Did you know that the first diesel engine ran on vegetable oil?  What we need is a conversion program to eliminate production of the gasoline engine in the US at some date in the very near future and some financial incentives to get Detroit and the petroleum industry to go along with it.  What we will have accomplished by doing this is to convert the entire nation over to the use of one fuel in our vehicles and one type of engine in our vehicles, which is a good thing on it's own.  Then with a minor modification to the engine that can be done in a few hours in ANY garage, for under $1,100, the engine can be made to run on soybean oil.

    The oil is extracted from the bean using a vacuum chamber.  What is left is the soybean minus the oil, which means it has fewer carbohydrates.  Yes that's right, the waste byproducts of making this fuel are edible.  Imagine what it would be like to live in a world where the airplanes, trains, trucks, cars and buses run on fuel extracted from food.  Nobody would starve!  If nobody is hungry you just eliminated the number two cause of violence in the world.  Number one being greed.  The soybeans can be sold to the food industry, who will then use them to make a specially designed SQUARE snack bar.  Each snack bar will provide 1/3 the daily nutritional requirements of a human being.  In other words you can live eating nothing but these snack bars because they are the nutritional equivalent of a full meal.  The government will provide a SMALL financial incentive to the food industry to defray some of the start up costs in making the snack bar, which will then be purchased by charities and relief agencies for world-wide distribution.

    All of this is 100% possible today!  If we decide to do it.  That's the problem.  Laziness is compounded daily in America!

Here's the list of benefits:

The waste products of the fuel collection process are an edible, high-protein, FOOD.  Thus allowing us to fill our tanks and feed the world!

Soybean oil has 5 times the BTU's of diesel fuel. This means that you can travel 5 times farther on the same amount.  Right now soybean oil is selling for $1.50/Gal.  That's right a dollar fifty a gallon!

It utilizes technology, equipment and infrastructure already deployed resulting in less economic impact and less delay.

It requires no specialized training in handling other than those methods currently employed.

It comes from a renewable non-polluting source.

Eliminates acid rain.

It comes from plants that already lend themselves well to monoculture and mechanical harvesting.

Growing more plants fights global warming and improves air quality.

It would place the farmer at the APEX of industry instead of at the bottom, resulting in more jobs that don't require allot of education or training.

It would eliminate the need to do emissions testing nationwide and the change in local air quality would be noticeable about 2 weeks after conversion.

    If America is going to make the change to get off petroleum, this is the shortest route there is to make it happen.  There is no other.  Knowing that economics always follows the path of least resistance and the shortest direction to a goal we all know the direction the future will take.  Are you an investor?  Put your money in soy-diesel and bio-diesel and the manufacturers of small diesel engines.

Want to be an active participant in making the change?  Buy a diesel powered vehicle and you're 90% there.



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